The AvBrief Service - Privacy Statement

This site is designed to provide you with flight briefing services on the Internet. When you register, you control who has access to using your User ID and Password. Passwords are stored on our systems in an encrypted format.

When you register at AvBrief, you will be required to provide us with a name and email address. You also provide some additional information about yourself. This information is available for administrative purposes only and to assist our marketing operations. You may change your contact preferences in the 'Flightbag -> Account details' area of

You control the password and User ID identity and its dissemination. You control who has access to that information. Third party web sites or users may not maintain the privacy of your personal information. Others who gain access to your password and User ID may be able to charge service costs incurred to your account. For this reason we reserve the right to require a password change as we deem appropriate.

We do not access your password identity information. The information you store is for your sole benefit. We strive to ensure that this information is secure. In keeping your information secure, you should not share your password with anyone.

We will not disclose the contents of your profile or any part of your account unless acting under a good faith belief that such action is necessary to:

We collect some general information. This is automatically collected when the site is accessed and allows us to obtain various statistics eg numbers of users at any given hour, most popular data etc. This information gives us the ability to adjust the services to better suit your needs.

We may contact you in the future regarding your AvBrief account. From time to time AvBrief may solicit your feedback or opinions via email or telephone. Responding to these queries is optional. Any information collected will be used by Aviation Briefing International ltd and its partners solely for service evaluation and market research purposes. None of the collected information will be transmitted in a way that could identify you personally.

Recovery of your password can only be done by using the Forgotten Password procedure. AvBrief cannot recover a forgotten password for you. The plain text version of your password is not kept by us. No matter what email address you use to recover a lost password the temporary password will be emailed to the email address that is attached to your records. You must follow the instructions in the email that you are sent in response to your request to recover the forgotten password.

In case of a stolen password or possible fraud to your account please send an email to Your issue will be dealt with as promptly and thoroughly as possible. If there are problems with your credit card, we suggest that you first contact your credit card company.

Reviewing your personal information. You have a right to know what your personal information is on and rectify or amend it where appropriate.

Third party links. Members of this site may share links to other sites. However, we can not be responsible for the privacy practices or the content of any third-party sites. If you have any questions about this privacy policy or the practices of this site or of Aviation Briefing International ltd in general, please contact us at:

Your right to be forgotten

If you wish for your details to be removed from our system, please make this request via and your details will be deleted within 14 days. Note that this will remove your access to and no refunds will be given.